Health & Safety

Health and safety are essential in adventure travel planning. It is important to cover all possible bases to minimize the risks of illnesses or injuries. Here are some ideas on preparing and keeping safe on your adventures.

• Go for a health check up at least one to two months before your trip. Ask for advice from your doctor or get the vaccinations you need, if applicable.

• Get fit or stay fit before your trip. Adventure travels can be physically and mentally demanding. You have to make sure that you are prepared for it.

• Check if your health insurance covers any emergency medical care you may need during your trip. If not, make sure that you choose a travel insurance that provides appropriate coverage. You may also want to get separate medical evacuation insurance for extra protection.

• If you are booking with adventure travel tour operators, make sure to pick those that are trusted within the industry. Check for appropriate permits or licenses. Do some research and make time to read the reviews.

• Invest on the right adventure travel gears. Make sure that you are properly equipped for the kind of adventure trip you are planning.

• Check travel advisories related to health, safety, and security.

• Stay hydrated. Use sun and insect bites protection.

• Always keep safety in mind. Heed advice from advisories and tour guides.