Travel and Adventure Safety Tips

Ever watched the show Man Vs. Wild? Pretty cool when Bear Grylls drinks his piss and eats some rodents, crickets and snakes, right?

Bear Grylls and Obama
Tastes Good Mr. President?

But can you actually do the things that he do? Far from it. Having zero knowledge on outdoor survival skills when stuck on an isolated place just simply spells death. So here are some tips to help you with your outdoor trek.

Don’t drink your piss.

Yes. There are many survival stories that shows a man drinking his own piss just to survive for weeks. And yes. Urine contains 95 percent of water in it but the other remaining 5 percent is composed of waste materials from our bodies. It can work several time. But as you drink that you excrete, the waste products in your urine gets more concentrated. Army Field Manual included pee in the list of “Do not drink” stuff.

Be Careful What You Eat

Unless you’re an outdoor survival expert, you should  refrain from eating anything unless you know it’s safe. Mushrooms and wild berries can be a life saver, but proceed with caution. Refrain from eating anything that’s brightly colored. Juice from fruits can replenish the nutrients and water that you lost. Check out the other benefits of juices by checking out Juicer Kings. They provide you valuable knowledge about juicing and many more.

Learn How to Start a Fire

Starting a Fire
Learning how to start a fire can save your life.

“But it’s easy to start a fire. I saw it in the movies. You just have to rub two sticks together and BOOM. There’s fire!”

I really wish that it’s just that easy to start a fire. Moisture, humidity and other several factors must be considered in order to start a fire. To all the ones who smoke, your lighters can be a gift from heaven when stuck on an isolated place. Fire is important because it provides us warmth and it serves as protection against insects and large predators. You can buy some fire starter kit on your survival stores. Rubbing sticks without the proper tools is just simply a waste of your valuable time.


There you go. You’re one step closer on being an outdoor survival expert like Bear Grylls! Study up and continue to read our articles to learn more. See ya!

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